Tallahassee Photographer

Most days, you’ll find me wearing stripes or bold floral prints, something turquoise and probably a chunky necklace. I love working from home in my beautiful natural light office, admiring my gold spray-painted desk accessories, all while my two rescue fur-children are at my feet. On weekends I have ambitions of tackling home improvement projects with my husband, Tim. What usually happens is I sit in the sunroom with a hard cider avoiding the mosquitoes and poison ivy while watching him do manly things in the yard. I’m a brand designer, a watercolor lover, and an adventurer – I’ll gladly pack my bags for our next spur-of-the-moment mini vacation! I love exclamation points and heart-eye emoji’s – probably a little too much!!!
My photography style is sincere, light-hearted and authentic. I’ll do just about anything to make you laugh, and I promise I won’t put you into awkward staged poses – gross. I make it simple for you, keep it fun and focus on those precious candid moments that naturally occur between people who love each other. It’s always my goal, that years from now, you’ll look back at your photographs and feel those emotions all over again.
Wondering what the name Poppie Studios means? Red poppies symbolize remembrance. I will capture the most precious moments of your life so that you will forever remember them exactly as they were: beautiful, magical, unforgettable… just like red poppies.