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As a North Florida wedding photographer, I find there are many gorgeous places and opportunities for wedding photography. Some things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer in North Florida, specifically Tallahassee, include the following:

  1. Style. What type of North Florida photography appeals to you? My style is documentary, as opposed to posed, and is candid and spontaneous and includes shots of the various details like decor, flowers and clothing. Fine Art photography and edgy-bold photography also steer away from posed photos, which is also the type of North Florida Wedding Photography you can expect with Poppie Studios.
  2. Homework. Read reviews. See what others are saying about your North Florida Wedding Photographer.
  3. Personalities. Make sure your personality and that of your North Florida Wedding photographer mesh. You should have in-person meetings before hand to establish a relationship. Having engagement photos done with your North Florida wedding photographer will also give you a chance to see them in action.
  4. Packages. Does your North Florida Wedding photographer offer multiple package options to fit your needs and budget?

Taking these few, basic items into consideration will help you choose a North Florida Wedding Photographer that best fits your needs, budget and style.

North Florida Wedding Photography

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Many people think of hiring a professional photographer for weddings and baby portraits, but what about hiring a Tallahassee photographer for other special events in your life? If you want beautiful family moments captured on film, then a Tallahassee photographer is what you need. The holiday will be upon us sooner than most of us realize, and having Tallahassee photography with your beautiful family should be the focal point of your holiday cards this year! When choosing someone for your Tallahassee family photography, consider the following things:

  1. Galleries. Look at their galleries. Is their style in line with what you want? If you find images online that you adore, make sure the photographer you choose in Tallahassee has a similar style and it’s not beyond their skill set.
  2. Experience. Do they have a Testimonials or Reviews page? You want to see what others are saying about this Tallahassee photographer. Check out their facebook, instagram and Pinterest pages too for an overall understanding of what they’re capable of.
  3. Location. For your Tallahassee photography do you want natural light? Artificial (flash) light? Indoors? Outdoors? As a film photographer in Tallahassee, Poppie Studios uses beautiful 35mm film in natural, available light.
  4. Expectations. How long will the session last? What is included in your Tallahassee photography package? Do you order prints through me? Will your photos be used for marketing purposes?
  5. Price. How much will it cost? If your Tallahassee photography session runs long, will you be charged for more time? Do you get prints? An online ordering album?

Get clear on these things, and your Tallahassee photography session will get you images you love from a Tallahassee photography you enjoy working with.

Tallahassee Photography

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  1. Rehearsal. There are a million moving pieces to a wedding, both before and during the actual event. And those pieces don’t all come together until the actual wedding day. Bridal portraits pre-event give you a chance to test your dress, shoes, make-up and photographer all at one time. Not to mention, if you have bridal portraits done, you’re groom and family won’t be standing idly by waiting while you have a few quick shots done before the reception. So you won’t look rushed or frazzled, simply a beautiful bride.
  1. Comfortable. Bridal portraits are a win-win for you and the photographer. I’ll learn which poses work best for you and you get to know me, allowing you to become comfortable in front of the camera.
  1. Stylized. All of your wedding portraits will be in one place, bridal portraits offer you the ability for some variety in a different location. Stylized bridal portraits make for magical photos that can really accentuate your dress, jewelry and overall mood of the photos.
  1. Creativity. As a lifestyle film photographer, I do not use backdrops or staged posing. For your bridal portraits, and all of my photography, we get to explore new areas, new angles, new lighting and focal elements. Have a floral crown or a turquoise bracelet you love but won’t be wearing during the ceremony? Bring it to your bridal portraits for some gorgeous pops of color and personality.
  1. Gifts. Even if you decide not to display a bridal portrait at your reception, you’ll have these photos available before the wedding, allowing you to print and frame bridal portraits as gifts for your mother and new mother-in-law.

tallahassee bridal photography

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I thought it might be good to write a bit about why I’ve chosen to be a film photographer, especially in this digital-era we’re living in. I started my career as a film photographer back in 2005 and continued with film photography through college, where I graduated with a degree in Fine Art Photography.

Everything about film photography gets me excited: the sound of the shutter clicking (you know, that sound your iPhone makes when you take a photo), the square shape of medium format film (familiar with Instagram?), standing in complete darkness opening a film canister, the smell of developing chemicals, unrolling the film and getting a first-glimpse at the photos.

There’s no checking the back of the camera to see if everything’s set correctly. There’s no spray-and-pray method, shooting 10 photos in a row and hoping one turned out right. Film photography is all about knowledge and understanding. I meter light and I focus accurately because each image taken with film costs about $1.

Another very important component of film photography is teaming up with the right lab. The 1-hour photo places can certainly develop and scan film, but the quality isn’t there. I have tried several labs but fell in love with Indie Film Lab out of Montgomery, Alabama.

I love everything about film photography. It’s beautiful, grainy and yummy. It makes skin look flawless, colors have this bold pop and photos have this touch of romantic nostalgia we all crave.

If you’re under the impression that film is old, outdated or inferior to digital, I suggest you take a second look.

film photography

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