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When Simone reached out to me about capturing 30th birthday photos, and then explained her vision (gold balloons and big laughs), I was very excited to capture this milestone moment in her life! She wanted to celebrate turning 30 in style and boy did she ever! This woman is strong, brave and beautiful and I am honored to have captured this moment in her life.

Adult Birthday Photos Tallahassee

The weather was absolutely perfect for Simone’s birthday photos! Truly it was just a gorgeous day at Goodwood Museum and Gardens where we had plenty of great background options for her birthday session. Simone brought fabulous gold 3-0 balloons and in between wind gusts we were able to have a ton of fun with them!

Adult Birthday Photos Tallahassee

Simone’s drop-dead gorgeous smile made my job easy! Look at this beautiful woman! Her natural beauty and that ginormous smile are contagious! We laughed as she walked back and forth along the brick sidewalks, using them as her catwalk and striking poses.

Adult Birthday Photos Tallahassee

We finished the session by the always lovely Reflecting Pool, where she kicked off her heels and stuck her feet in. I had a great time capturing Simone’s 30th birthday photos at Goodwood Museum right here in Tallahassee. This place is a gem and Simone made it come to life with her larger-than-life personality and megawatt smile.

Adult Birthday Photos Tallahassee


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Oops – should I not say that out loud? Since news broke of Style Me Pretty’s closure, slated for the end of April 2018, a lot of wedding photographers have chosen this time to speak out about “finally getting back to what matters most.” In their opinion, SMP lead to an increase in clients who believed they needed perfectly styled weddings and thus forced photographers to capture details instead of moments.

Here’s why I think that’s okay.

Why I Love Style Me Pretty

Platforms like Style Me Pretty and Pinterest really changed the way we think about weddings. In the case of Pinterest, it made a lot of what industry vendors call “budget brides” realize they too could have elevated elegance without the elevated price tag. DIY has become king for many getting married these days. And I love it! As a new(er) bride myself, I remember I specifically asked my photographer to capture the details because my husband and I invested our time making things by hand and I love of all things pretty (see what I did there?). We both have what many call “expensive taste,” or as the saying goes “trying for champagne on a beer budget.” Because of this, we wanted to have those details captured because we worked hard to create them. From the invitation suite that I designed, printed, cut, tied, stamped and calligraphy-addressed myself. To the terrariums I figured out how to make via trial-and-error using plexiglass and E600 glue. Even the Welcome Bags for out-of-town guests that we hand-picked items for and packed ourselves. Capturing those was important to me because the majority of my family traveled 900+ miles to be in attendance and I wanted to ensure they knew how truly thankful I was they were there.

And the ring? Damn right I wanted that photographed in a styled environment. It combines the stones from my paternal grandmother and his paternal grandmother’s original wedding sets. My paternal grandfather passed the ring on to my husband a few years prior, but sadly passed away just a few short months before our wedding. So yes, I wanted to honor him by beautifully capturing a photo of the ring containing the stones from the ring he proposed to my grandmother with.

I wanted all those details photographed because cumulatively they were all part of our wedding. All part of us. And all pieces and parts of what we loved about our wedding weekend.

Don’t be ashamed to ask your photographer to capture these details. Details you’ve worked hard on. Details you’ve spent your valuable time hand-selecting. Details you want to show future generations.

Why I Love Style Me Pretty

You’re marrying your best friend. Your soul mate. And both of your families are coming together to witness it. My husband and I viewed our wedding as the biggest party we’d ever get to throw for our families. We wanted to make sure everyone had a good time all weekend long, not just at the actual wedding. Capturing the moments between guests and the newlyweds are so important too. After all, that’s why you’re having a wedding – to get married.

Our actual wedding day was perfect. The weather was ideal, cloudy and cooler. The backdrop that Tim and I built together one weekend from scratch out of pallets in our garage with our dogs at our feet, looked stunning draped in flowers. The cocktails were flowing while people played corn hole on boards Tim and I built and still have in our side courtyard at home. And guests took home those terrariums I built as reminders of our day for years to come.

But you know what our families loved the most? They loved the Open House Brunch we threw at our home the day before. Our humble three bedroom, 1200 square foot home was filled with almost 40 people all the way from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Jacksonville, Florida. Gathering around our dining table and in our lanai, drinking mimosas and eating blueberry muffins. And that evening, after the rehearsal, those same 40 people joined us at the rehearsal dinner, gathered around a long farmhouse style table, eating seafood and drinking beer while playing billiards and sharing stories.

It was beautiful. Those are the moments that clench my heart.

And none of it was captured in photos. 

All that to say, if you want the details captured at your wedding – ask to have them captured. I understand and appreciate how much all of that means to you. It meant a lot to me too. And I’d be happy to capture them for you on your wedding day. But please also let us capture moments between people. Grandparents laughing. Flower girls giggling. Uncle Bob showing off his crazy dance moves. The two of you, soaking each other in and stealing glances.

All of this combined is what makes a wedding beautiful.

Why I love Style Me Pretty

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The turkey’s taken care of, the cranberry sauce has set and there are half a dozen pies all boxed up, waiting to be devoured. All that’s left are the drinks — and this year, water’s not going to cut it. You’ll be needing something strong, because your Uncle Bob’s over and before you get the chance to greet him, he’ll be rifling through the drawer of your night table.

Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

These 15 cocktails below are prime for Thanksgiving (and will work all season long) because they’re filled to the brim with fall flavors. They’ll warm you right up, add a decorative cheer to the table and make Uncle Bob (or any half-welcomed guests, for that matter) a bit more tolerable.Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

Survive Thanksgiving with these cocktails

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Holiday Minis Tallahassee

For a limited time, Poppie Studios is offering
Mini Sessions with holiday photo cards INCLUDED!

Benefiting the Tallahassee Animal Shelter Foundation – helping homeless animals in the care of Tallahassee Animal Services*

I’m so excited to announce Mini Sessions taking place November 4, 9am-6pm at Cascades Park. Meet at Lot 61, at the intersection of E Bloxham St and S Gadsden St. And it’s pet-friendly, so you can include your fur-kiddo too which, if you’re like me, is very important!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to have your holiday portraits done – AND have holiday cards made with the photos at the same time!

Orders will arrive to you beginning of December, just in time to mail out your beautiful, and custom, holiday cheer!

All while benefiting homeless animals right here in Tallahassee. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Animal Shelter Foundation.

Tallahassee Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are just $99 (a $130 value!) and include:
4-8 images depending on family size. Sessions are for UP TO four (4) family members. Each additional member is $10.
20 minutes
Online Purchasing with gallery ready approximately three (3) weeks after your session
10 holiday cards with envelopes. Choose from four (4) designs to create your custom card! A $40 value!


Sessions are only available the following times on Saturday, November 4:
• 9am  |  9:30am  | 10am  |  10:30am  |  11am  | 11:30am
• 4pm  |  4:30pm  |  5pm  |  5:30pm  | 6pm


Spots are limited! First come, first serve. Reserve yours today:
Book Now buttonPayment due in full at time of booking. Session date & time are not held until payment and contract are received.

I look forward to capturing your life’s light soon!



*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Animal Shelter Foundation. Emily serves on the Board of ASF and wholly supports their mission: Adopt. Support. Foster. Helping homeless animals in the care of  Tallahassee Animal Services, the shelter in Tom Brown Park. After all, both of her furchildren are rescues!
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What a beautiful little family the Szeliga’s are! Yomaima and Josh welcomed precious baby Eleanor exactly five months prior to her baptism. I was so excited to be there to capture such a big moment in their lives. Eleanor was such a doll, all smiles and happy even though she hadn’t slept the night before. She finally caught a few moments’ sleep while she was being baptized though 🙂 The day was equally gorgeous, overcast and beautiful light that filled the entrance and lent itself to some truly stunning images. Eleanor is named after her bisabuela (great-grandmother) and I’m so glad Eleonor could attend the baptism, she stole kisses from her great-grandbaby the entire time, making my heart melt a little each time. Thank you Maima for letting me part of this special moment in Eleanor’s life – your family is beautiful.

Family Baptism Tallahassee PhotographerFamily Baptism Tallahassee PhotographerFamily Baptism Tallahassee PhotographerFamily Baptism Tallahassee Photographer

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