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Great Gifts for Men | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Searching for a gift for your brother, dad, boyfriend, or husband can be a tough task, but the editors at Real Simple have done some of theView full post »

What Should I Wear to Our Photo Session? | Tallahassee Photographer

“Please tell me what to wear to our photo session!” That’s the first thing I often hear from clients after they book aView full post »

Why An Updated Headshot Will Help Get You Hired | Tallahassee Photographer

What’s your current profile photo telling employers? If it’s not truly representative of you and your skills, let me leverageView full post »

A Toast to Florida and Taking Leaps | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

5 states. 3 houses. 2 dogs. 1 fiancé. Those are the big things I think of when I reminisce back on the past four years. Four years ago I,View full post »

A Guide to Pricing | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

On a fairly regular basis, a potential client contacts me with an inquiry about if they can “just have a disc of images” instead ofView full post »

Put on your stretchy pants and pass the pie

In between servings of turkey and raisin pie (it’s a delicious, wonderful, misunderstood delicacy – I promise), I’d likeView full post »

SLR Photography

I’m sure we’ve all heard the acronym, DSLR. Which, in case you didn’t know, stands for “digital single-lens reflex.” It’s the system insideView full post »

Art Photography

With the insurgence of digital photography, anyone with a camera can call him or herself a photographer. And the majority who do, want toView full post »

Get to Know Your Photographer | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

I recently shot a wedding for which the Maid of Honor was the one reaching out to prospective photographers on behalf of the Bride. DuringView full post »

Photography Art

A definition of “Art Photography” can be elusive, but “when photographers refer to it, they have in mind the photographs seen inView full post »

Long Weekend in Long Beach

This time last year we visiting Long Beach, California! During the day Tim attended the conference and I got to catch up on some rest andView full post »

What I Bring to a Photo Session

I’m willing to bet that if you’ve been to a public park recently then you’ve probably witnessed a photo session in progress. WhatView full post »