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Fiesta like you mean it for less than $200

You don’t need to spend money like the rich and famous to host a party that will leave everyone impressed. I wouldn’t even consider $200 aView full post »

Tips for An Awesome Senior Portrait Session

1.    The Photographer Sure your friend may have a good camera, but that doesn’t make them a good photographer. Your photographer trulyView full post »

Tips For A Perfect Newborn Photo Shoot

It’s best to secure your photographer before baby arrives. If you wait until after, life gets hectic very quickly and you’ll mostView full post »

Newly Redesigned!

Having a slow day at work? Check out the newly redesigned Poppie Studios website! www.poppiestudios.comView full post »

Film Camera and Photography

There are many reasons I choose to shoot using a film camera for my photography. 40 years ago the first digital camera was invented, and itView full post »

Film Photography

Film Photography

Film is not dead, and here’s why I shoot film. The Look. Film has a distinctive look, one that many digital photographers try to imitateView full post »

Tallahassee Engagement Photography

Tallahassee Engagement Photography

Engagement photography is a great way for you, the newly engaged couple in Tallahassee, to get to know the photographer you may use forView full post »

Tallahassee Groom Photography

Tallahassee Groom Photography

We’re all told this kind-of lie that the wedding day is all about the bride, but what about the groom? He’s half of this relationship afterView full post »

North Florida Wedding Photography

North Florida Wedding Photography

As a North Florida wedding photographer, I find there are many gorgeous places and opportunities for wedding photography. Some things toView full post »

Tallahassee Engagement Photography

Tallahassee Photography

Many people think of hiring a professional photographer for weddings and baby portraits, but what about hiring a Tallahassee photographerView full post »

5 Reasons Your Should Have Bridal Portraits

Rehearsal. There are a million moving pieces to a wedding, both before and during the actual event. And those pieces don’t all comeView full post »

Why I Choose Film Photography

I thought it might be good to write a bit about why I’ve chosen to be a film photographer, especially in this digital-era we’re living in.View full post »