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Why Should I Hire a Graphic Designer? | Tallahassee Graphic Designer

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. You may be able to move things around on the computer and create the ad, logo or website, but it’s best to collaborate with a trained professional. I realize this is a hard pill to swallow. When it seems so easy to do it yourself or turn to a cheap online solution for your logo or website. But this is your business. What it says and how it communicates its brand message will determine if it survives or fails.

I’ll use the analogy of a car mechanic. I prefer to take it to the professional car service center. Even though I may pay more. Obviously, I can run to the nearest auto parts store, buy what I need and either attempt it myself with the help of Youtube or a friend of a friend working out of his garage. They may do a good job, but I’ll trust the people trained to fix the brakes who do it for a living.

Working with a graphic designer is the same concept. I’ll help you create a clear brand voice. This is critical. Your brand is your business. Without a solid brand foundation, every choice you make in regards to communicating with your marketplace will be from shaky ground, inconsistent and possibly incoherent.

Why Should I Hire a Graphic Designer

A good graphic designer will work with the client to establish a voice and brand message. The design solutions will reinforce the value of your product or service. A successful outcome is often a combination of these things working together.

Every major corporation is aware of a brand’s power to attract the right audience and keep them loyal. Consider Coca-Cola, Nike, Target or even McDonald’s. Without their strong graphic presence, each of these brands loses their identity and attraction to the audience. You may be thinking “I’m not a giant brand like Nike. I can’t afford this. I’m a small business so it’s not as important.” But the rules of marketing and branding apply regardless of size. Whether you’re run out of a kitchen or a billion dollar corporation.

Why Should I Hire a Graphic Designer

You may be a small business, but with the right branding (done for you by a professional graphic designer such as Poppie Studios), you’ll look and feel like a billion dollar corporation. And very quickly build trust and a loyal following within your community! So let’s chat and make your impact even bigger!




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