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Stop Saying "I Already Know That"

Avoid that mindset!

When you start your own business, sometimes people just want to hand you free advice. Now, not all of it is going to work, but you should keep an open mind!

After working in her photography business for 3 years, gaining little traction, something told Alicia to look outside of the industry for help. That is when she hired her first business coach, who was able to help her and move her into full time business. Think about it this way- social media experts are experts at social media. Photographers are experts at photography. They CAN do both, but should they? Or should they seek help from specialists?

This is why you should hire a business coach

Once you realize that you don’t know everything, and are open to listening to advice outside of your industry, you will seriously watch your business grow by leaps and bounds. Simply hire experts in their own fields. Not your field (necessarily).

Are you ready to Launch Your Biz? We’ve compiled our most essential, short list of tools that we use to keep our business running, instead of letting our business run us! From automation, to client management, to branding, this is the ultimate list to keep your business thriving! Grab yours here!

tool kit for new business owners

Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

Alicia + Emily

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