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Are you too busy to build your business?

How many times have you caught yourself saying the following:

I’m just too busy right now

But are you really being honest with what’s filling your schedule? Now before you get huffy about being called dishonest, know that we’re just as guilty of overusing the word “busy” too.

More often than not, it’s all in our heads.

Have you ever tried keeping a time log to see where all your hours go? I have, and my 60-hour workweek was actually spent being lost on the Internet and stumbling around the house trying to think about everything that needed done only to end up avoiding it altogether.

The simplest advice for overcoming busyness?

Change your language.

Instead of saying you “don’t have time,” try saying “it isn’t a priority.” For me, the biggest wakeup call was when I skipped the gym several months, yes months, in a row. Then I learned about changing my language and instead of saying I didn’t have time, I forced myself to say “losing weight isn’t a priority for me.”

Ouch. The was a tough thing to say out loud.

The same can very likely be said for your business (or biz idea) too, can’t it? If you’re struggling to get everything done and feel that you’re just so busy – change your expectations of yourself.

For even more tips on overcoming the overwhelm of “busyness,” check out our latest episode.

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

Alicia + Emily

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