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Niching Down to Find More Clients

It can be so hard to not want to be everything to everybody. Income is income after all right? Wrong. The wrong types of clients can actually hurt your business and your mental health. You stand the good chance of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and less than enthusiastic about your work.

So how can you be sure you’re attracting the right client?

Know very specifically who your ideal client is.

Who is your ideal client?

This has been called a million different things, from client avatar, client persona, client profiles, etc. At it’s core you’re putting down on paper what the most perfect client or customer of yours would look like. Someone who would make you excited to wake up and get to work on their project. Someone who loves you, your work, appreciates the time it takes to create your craft and who will refer even more customers to you. 

Sounds amazing right? Well, that’s who you need to spend your time marketing to. Not those little one-off jobs that book you on steep discounts and then never leave you a review. You want your ideal client angels. What does your angel look like?

  • demographics (gender, age, income, job)
  • where do they shop
  • what are their hobbies
  • what do they love to do on the weekends
  • favorite restaurants
  • favorite retail/clothing stores

This info not only helps you hone in your marketing by directing it specifically at them, it can help your branding too.

Branding and Marketing

If you realize in your research your ideal client would love soft, romantic, high-class color palettes, maybe that should be the colors in your logo, on your website, in your social media posts. Branding is more than your visual elements too though.

Use a personality that appeals to them, in a voice and tone that really connects with them.

Pay close attention to the types of places they shop for instance. What does that store’s branding and marketing look like? Hone in on what’s attractive about it and take inspiration from it for your own branding.

Give them a solution to their problem and make them believe in you. You are the best fit for them.

027 Niching down to find more clients

Once you narrow down your niche and your brand, you’ll have something that truly represents not only you, but your ideal client too.

For even more great tips, check out our latest YouTube video where we talk all about this in detail! Episode 027, Part 2/2: Watch it now!

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.


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