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Up-Level Your Small Biz

Already dreading the new year because you have a drawer full of receipts that need filing? Maybe you didn’t meet your goals this past year so you’re feeling a little defeated? It can be very difficult to make strides forward without processes in place to track your progress and make running your small business easier. That’s why I’m covering things you can do right now to ensure next year is your best year yet.

Ways to make this your best yet

We all want to look good, not just for our customers but for ourselves too. Self confidence will build client confidence. But you can’t have one without the other. It’s time to put some processes in place so you can streamline the day-to-day operational tasks and focus more on creating a great client experience.

Building your know – like – trust factor is huge! So let’s break down that first part, the “know” part. How do clients know about you? What’s the first thing they’re going to see? Your brand.

Your first impression is your brand

Your brand should attract customers to your biz, it should set the tone for the type of experience they can expect from you. I’m not just talking about your website and your social media accounts either. Every interaction they have with you should reflect your brand identity:

  • invoices
  • estimates
  • contracts
  • brand colors
  • core values

All of these should convey your brand and what clients can expect by working with you. This strong brand presence immediately builds upon that know – like – trust factor.

Streamline processes + use templates

Do you find yourself using the same method over and over again when it comes to proposals, invoices, contracts, etc? More than likely, yes. And if you don’t, you should. Templates and processes will help you run your small business more efficiently so you can get out of administrative tasks and get back to the creative side of things.

up-level your small biz | Wild Leaf Collab

Those are just two of the ways I discuss that will help you up-level your small biz in the new year. To see the other great tips check out my latest episode on YouTube by clicking the image above.

Start implementing this tips now, take action. Start using these systems and start making strides with your biz! Episode 029: Watch it now!

Are you ready to up-level your small biz? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with me and I’ll help you create action steps you can take right now in just 30 minutes! Click here to schedule your call and change your business for the better!

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.


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