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Setting goals with intention

Happy New Year creatives! Today’s episode is about setting goals that help you answer one very important question: What does my life to look like when my biz goals are achieved?

If you’re the planning type (like I am), you probably already have a list of everything you hope to achieve this year. But if you’re not (like I used to be!), you probably have a million ideas in your head and you’re not sure where to start. And that’s why I’m here with Wild Leaf, to help you figure out the steps to take and in what order.

Setting goals without taking into consideration the big picture can lead to a lot of doubt and worry. And all that worry leads to burnout. Why did you start (or plan to start) your business? What does your dream life look like once your biz is thriving? Feed off of those feelings as you set goals!

Do any of these goals sound familiar?

  • I want to shoot 20 weddings this year
  • I want to have 100 sales in my Etsy shop every quarter
  • I want to make $100,000 in my business in 2019

Even though money is important, it isn’t always enough to keep us motivated. We end of feeling like we’re constantly on the on-ramp of life and never actually get anywhere. So be honest with yourself about your goals. Why are them so important to you? Why do you want to achieve them? What do you think will happen once you cross them off your list?

Think about how your life will look once you’ve accomplished your goals. How do you feel? What are you able to do because you’ve accomplished your goals? Maybe you buy a second home in your favorite vacay spot so you can live there 6 months out of the year? Maybe your debts are paid off? Maybe you’ll finally plant that garden you’ve always wanted (this is totally one of my goals!).

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Your biz goals and life goals should support each other. Getting clear about WHY you want to achieve your goals will help keep you motivated.

And just remember… Be kind to yourself: Nothing is etched in stone. If you need to scrap a plan, do it and set a new one. If you’re having a bad day and feel like a failure, start fresh the next day. As long as you’re being true and honest with your intentions, you can cut yourself some slack.

intentional goal setting

Speaking of intentions, this month’s FREEBIE is all about helping you be intentional with your goal setting, staying motivated and being held accountable. Click here to grab your copy!

I want to cheer you on as you achieve your goals. What are your big goals for 2019? Comment below so we can all cheer each other on along the way!

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