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Planning for Success

Owning a business takes passion, but it also takes long-term, big-picture planning for success to make sure you can succeed for many years to come. And long term growth relies on strategic planning. Boring! But here’s the thing, when you’re intentional with your business decisions, you’re going to appeal to your ideal clients.

Based on my experiences as a small biz owner and feedback from fellow creative business owners that I’ve coached along the way, here are some key strategies for planning for success.

Planning is a process, not an event. Meaning, it doesn’t happen once and you’re done and then your goals just magically start to achieve themselves. Set intentional goals every year but be sure to monitor and track them, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, to ensure your biz goals are actually being achieved.

What makes you unique? So, instead of simply saying you’re a photographer; instead say that you offer wedding photography that captures the candid moments throughout adventurous couple’s special days. Figure out what sets you apart and shout it out.

Use systems to connect with clients. In my last episode I talked about having processes in place that help you get out of the administrative tasks like financial tracking, email newsletters, blogging etc and simplifying how you connect with your clients. Automatic responses and email templates are a great place to start.

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Invest in yourself and your biz. I’m not saying throw money at all the pretty things that promise results in no time at all! I’m saying entrepreneurship is hard, so don’t go it alone. Investing doesn’t have to mean dollars spent. Join a free group for creatives, like Rising Tide Society and a local Tuesdays Together chapter. Find people you can bounce ideas off of and learn from. Investing can also mean finding a business coach who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated by helping you think out of the box. That’s something I offer, 1-on-1, face-to-face coaching. So if you feel like you’re ready to grow your biz and want help formulating a biz plan that works for you, let’s work together!

For help with setting the right goals and finding motivation to achieve them, download this month’s FREEBIE full of great tips and questions to get you inspired and ready to crush it!

Until next time, stay Wild!

xoxo – Emily

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