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Turning leads into paying clients

Today I’m sharing a few ways you can educate and nurture leads so that they turn into paying clients.

The core to nurturing clients is building trust. This is so important for us creatives especially, because oftentimes a lead is reaching out for info on something they know very little about. What a lead boils down to is choosing the person that teaches them the most, while still keeping their attention.

Value yourself appropriately. Oftentimes people have no idea how much time or money it really takes to make things. From photography to invitations to paintings, a lead is your opportunity to educate them. When you provide that realistic breakdown you’re educating them on why you’re worth it.

Offer free advice. Whether that’s a phone consultation or a PDF they get by subscribing to your newsletter. If you provide them something for free that is of value to them, you’re building their trust and basically showing them you’re an expert.

Building Trust with Clients | Launch your Biz

Lastly, be prompt. One of the biggest complaints I hear over and over again is that a client went with another artist because the first one they reached out to took too long to reply. Now if you know me, you know I’m a BIG propronent of having office hours, setting those expectations and establishing boundaries. However, I also believe in timeliness. Responding within 24-48 hours is not unreasonable. More than a week and what does that say about your work ethic?

So those are just a few quick and easy ways you can educate clients and nurture leads into becoming ideal clients.

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And until next time, stay Wild!

xoxo – Emily

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