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Pinterest for Small Business, with Tammie Jones

Why Pinterest for small business? Why not Instagram or Facebook or Twitter? Pinterest from a personal standpoint is an amazing visual search engine. We type in what we’re interested in (like recipes, hobbies or interests) and we get a virtual endless supply of images that show us what we’re looking for, literally.

Pinterest for small business is basically making sure that when someone searches on Pinterest for things like:

  • Backyard Weddings
  • Goat Soap
  • Textile Art

they’re going to find photos of your creative business on Pinterest. Basically, if you make it, you need to Pin it so you can transform your side hustle into fulltime success.

Tammie Jones, owner of Milani Social Media Marketing, joined me in my latest YouTube series “What I Wish I’d Known” to talk about “why Pinterest” and how Pinterest for small business, especially us artists, will help you be seen and found for potential clients.

The key takeaways from our interview are:

  • Pin consistently
  • Link your website to your Pinterest Business account
Pinterest for small business | Launch Your Biz

So be sure to check out my interview with Tammie to get answers to all of your “why Pinterest” and Pinterest for Business questions. Don’t forget to click subscribe so you can follow along with this “What I Wish I’d Know” series in the coming weeks! And follow along with Tammie’s business journey over at @tammieljones73.

And not only did Tammie provide amazing insight about Pinterest for Business, she’s also offering up her Social Media Content Calendar to help you plan out your Pins and when you actually need to be Pinning them!

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