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How To Run A Business Naturally, with Mary Strachan

For most of us creative entrepreneurs, we start our businesses because we’re really good at our craft and want to make money doing it. But then we get buried until all the business tasks, like getting legal and filing taxes.

So we search for ways to better handle all those administrative tasks. But we’re not getting the right clients and we’re not seeing results from all those free webinars and worksheets. So now what?

My latest Launch Your Biz guest, Mary Strachan, says you can run your business in a way that’s natural for you. And once you do, you’ll likely see better clients coming in your door and feel less intimidated by all those administrative tasks.

Some people seem to be born with leadership skills and just seem to know how to run a business naturally. It looks effortless to them. That’s probably because they’re not trying to fit their square selves into round holes. And Mary says you shouldn’t either.

How To Run A Business Naturally | Launch Your Biz | Poppie Studios

The key takeaways from our interview are:

  • Find what works for you and your biz style
  • Understand yourself and how you work best
  • If you don’t like doing it the “normal” way, then don’t

So be sure to check out my interview with Mary to get answers to all of your “Running a Business Naturally” questions so you can feel happy about your biz again! Don’t forget to click subscribe so you can follow along with this “What I Wish I’d Know” series in the coming weeks! And here’s a link to the Book she mentions in our Chat: Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth.

And not only did Mary provide amazing insight about Running a Business Naturally, she’s also offering up her Find My Alignment Kit to help you find out why strategies that work for others may not be what works for you!

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