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A Clean Mindset for Business

Even if our creative business is doing well, it can be easy to neglect positive thinking and only focus on the negatives. That’s why I think having a clean business mindset is so very important to not only launch your biz, but to also stay healthy as your business grows and blossoms.

One of the best ways to help you focus on positive thinking for your business, is to constantly be setting new goals. It’s said that only about 20 percent of business owners actually set goals, and of those only 30 percent achieve them. WOAH! Eye opening statistic right there!

My latest Launch Your Biz guest, Cassandra McClure, says you can achieve your goals by having a clean business mindset. How do you get that mindset though? From writing positive affirmations on the mirror to giving yourself grace when you don’t live up to your own expectations. A Clean business mindset will help you achieve your business goals.

Clean Mindset for Business to Achieve Goals | Launch Your Biz with Poppie Studios

It might seem like some creative business owners are just naturally more successful than others. But really the only difference is that they’re setting goals and achieving them. And all those successes are fueling them to keep aiming higher.

The key takeaways from our interview are:

  • Written affirmations (right a daily goal on your mirror, sticky note, etc)
  • Be sure to fill your own cup up
  • Choose courage over fear (fight or flight)

So be sure to check out my interview with Cassandra to get answers to all of your “Clean Business Mindset” questions so you can feel happy about your biz again! Don’t forget to click subscribe so you can follow along with this “What I Wish I’d Know” series in the coming weeks!

And if you’re interested in her fabulous product, the Lash Binder, you can check it out here to get $5 off!

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