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Using Workshops to Build Your Business

It’s seems like a trendy thing to do now, host a business workshop. Maybe you’re a calligrapher (like this week’s Launch Your Biz guest, Justine Hwang, owner of It Just Flows) and you’re clients and friends have said they’re willing to pay you to learn your secrets. Maybe you’re a photographer and you absolutely love hosting styled shoots, and have a variety of wedding vendors who want to learn from you.

Business Workshops

Business workshops are a great way to make face-to-face connections with some of your biggest cheerleaders while simultaneously creating a new source of income for you. They also allow you to position yourself as an expert and industry leader for your area of expertise. People will know they can come to you for answers to their calligraphy or photography questions (or whatever your workshop topic is).

My latest Launch Your Biz guest, Justine, says you can host a successful business workshop by having a servant attitude and mindset. Make it less about you (what you’ll get from hosting it) and more about attendees (what they’ll gain from attending it).

Using Workshops to Build Your Business | Launch Your Biz | Poppie Studios

Hosting a business workshop is a big responsibility but the payoff can be well worth it. To make sure you and your guests get the most out of the experience, here are a few steps for creating your own in-person business workshop:

  • Outline your curriculum/timeline
  • Set the date/book a venue
  • Promote to your target audience

And be sure to check out my interview with Justine to get answers to all of your “Hosting a Business Workshop” questions so you can share your passions with your community! Don’t forget to click subscribe so you can follow along with this “What I Wish I’d Know” series in the coming weeks! And be sure to follow Justine over on instagram for heart-reflection inspiration and to catch her calligraphy workshops.

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