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How Website Copy Can Convert Clients

If you’re a small business, it’s likely you have a website so potential clients can find you quickly and easily. But is your website working for you? Is it actually converting visitors into paying clients? Writing the best website copy that converts clients is often thought to be difficult. Maybe you feel like you’re taking shots in the dark, no game plan, hoping it sticks. All the cliches about not knowing what you’re doing and just hoping something eventually works.

My latest Launch Your Biz guest, Elli Runkles, says you (yes you!) can write copy (the text on your website) that will not only help you show up in search results but also get visitors to actually take action and book you.

During our chat, Elli and I talk about writing website copy that has an emotional appeal to your target audience. You want to connect with them, pull at their heartstrings, and make them see why you’re a great fit for them. But you also want to educate website visitors about why investing in you is worth it.

Best Website Copy that Converts Clients | Launch Your Biz with Poppie Studios

If you’re stuck wondering what to say in your website text, here are some tips to help guide your writing:

  • focus on benefits, not features
  • Get visitors to take action (aka a call to action)
  • Understand your customer

So be sure to check out my interview with Elli to get answers to all of your “How do I write website text that converts clients” questions. And soon you’re website text will be working for you – not the other way around! Don’t forget to click subscribe so you can follow along with this “What I Wish I’d Know” series in the coming weeks! And be sure to grab Elli’s Sales Page Checklist, which includes the must-have sections you need for your website copy along with explanations and tips so you can start seeing great results!

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