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How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Wondering how to sell without being salesy or pushy? Entrepreneurs, especially us creatives and artists have a hard enough time putting ourselves out there.

What if you have multiple offerings that are totally different (like me: Photography, graphic design and education)? You’ve probably heard of niching down at this point.

My latest Launch Your Biz guest, Gina Ireland of Cardinal Blue Consulting, explains how to sell without being salesy and explains how niching down can help. Hint: it relies heavily on an email list and an established presence.

Struggling with still feeling burnt-out and insecure? Wondering if you need to throw in the towel and head back into the corporate world? WAIT! Gina has such great tips for surviving that fear as you start your creative biz journey.

How to sell without being salesy | Launch Your Biz | Poppie Studios

Some valuable takeaways from our chat are:

  • Know your story
  • Be clear about who you want to serve
  • Be clear about what you’ll offer

So be sure to check out my interview with Gina to get answers to all of your “How to sell without being salesy” questions. And soon you’ll be attracting those ideal clients that make you love your job!

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