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SLR Photography

I’m sure we’ve all heard the acronym, DSLR. Which, in case you didn’t know, stands for “digital single-lens reflex.” It’s the system inside the camera that uses a mirror and prism system which flips the image so that when you look into the viewfinder, you’re looking at a right-side-up image. And, in ... READ the POST

Art Photography

With the insurgence of digital photography, anyone with a camera can call him or herself a photographer. And the majority who do, want to be considered professional or artists or both. And the number of photographers calling themselves “fine art” photographers is also on the rise. So what makes ... READ the POST

Photography Art

A definition of “Art Photography” can be elusive, but "when photographers refer to it, they have in mind the photographs seen in magazines such as American Photo, Popular Photography, and Print, and in salons and exhibitions. Art (or artful) photography is salable.”* Fine art photography is ... READ the POST

Long Weekend in Long Beach

This time last year we visiting Long Beach, California! During the day Tim attended the conference and I got to catch up on some rest and relaxation by the pool. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city! We went for a run along the boardwalk Saturday morning. Had absolutely delicious food at the super ... READ the POST