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How Website Copy Can Convert Clients

If you’re a small business, it’s likely you have a website so potential clients can find you quickly and easily. But is your website working for you? Is it actually converting visitors into paying clients? Writing the best website copy that converts clients is often thought to be difficult. Maybe ... READ the POST

Juris Dogtorate Graduation | Event Photography

What an amazing network of professional photographers we have here in Tallahassee! Stephanie Hayes was one of the first photographers I collaborated with after I moved to Tallahassee and she’s been a great source of referrals ever since. And that’s how I connected with Laurel. I was honored to ... READ the POST

Using Workshops to Build Your Business

It’s seems like a trendy thing to do now, host a business workshop. Maybe you’re a calligrapher (like this week’s Launch Your Biz guest, Justine Hwang, owner of It Just Flows) and you’re clients and friends have said they’re willing to pay you to learn your secrets. Maybe you’re a photographer and ... READ the POST

Hillary + Bruno | Dorothy B Oven Wedding

When I say Hillary and Bruno’s story is like a reflection of Tim and my story, it’s not an exaggeration. We’re like “kindred spirits” as Hillary put it. I knew I was going to love being their wedding photographer before we even met. And when she told me they were having a Dorothy B Oven wedding I ... READ the POST

A Clean Mindset for Business

Even if our creative business is doing well, it can be easy to neglect positive thinking and only focus on the negatives. That’s why I think having a clean business mindset is so very important to not only launch your biz, but to also stay healthy as your business grows and blossoms. One of ... READ the POST

Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah | Tallahassee Photographer

I love working with fellow friendors (friend + vendor). And that was the case for Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah. Diane with Sweet Tea Events was the Cooper family’s planner for Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah and she reached out to me on their behalf to capture this milestone. I’m so thankful and glad that she did. I ... READ the POST