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How to do Video Marketing

If you have your ear even a little to the ground about how to market your small business, then you’ve probably heard over and over again the past 12-18 months that video marketing is the future. Social media algorithms are changing to show videos more than static content and platforms are making it ... READ the POST

Luxury Handmade Wedding Invitations | The Gathering

There’s something about opening a beautiful envelope that’s been hand addressed in calligraphy and pulling out luxury handmade wedding invitations. You know right away this is going to be a truly elegant wedding. I recently had the pleasure of working with fellow TAWP members on a modern glam ... READ the POST

How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Wondering how to sell without being salesy or pushy? Entrepreneurs, especially us creatives and artists have a hard enough time putting ourselves out there. What if you have multiple offerings that are totally different (like me: Photography, graphic design and education)? You've probably ... READ the POST

Leah Graduation Photos | Tallahassee Photographer

I had the honor of photographing Leah’s bachelorette + friend photos late last year. It was so fun seeing her and her friends and bridesmaids just hang out and have a good time together! When she reached out for college graduations photos I was honored and excited to see her again. College ... READ the POST

How Website Copy Can Convert Clients

If you’re a small business, it’s likely you have a website so potential clients can find you quickly and easily. But is your website working for you? Is it actually converting visitors into paying clients? Writing the best website copy that converts clients is often thought to be difficult. Maybe ... READ the POST

Juris Dogtorate Graduation | Event Photography

What an amazing network of professional photographers we have here in Tallahassee! Stephanie Hayes was one of the first photographers I collaborated with after I moved to Tallahassee and she’s been a great source of referrals ever since. And that’s how I connected with Laurel. I was honored to ... READ the POST