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Photo Gift Picks: 2014

Every year I strive to give gifts that are personal and heart-felt. I want the recipient to know that I really thought about them when I chose this gift. I know a lot us have trouble deciding what to get people who seemingly have everything though. It can make finding a thoughtful, yet useful gift ... READ the POST

Fiesta like you mean it for less than $200

You don’t need to spend money like the rich and famous to host a party that will leave everyone impressed. I wouldn’t even consider $200 a “tight” budget quite frankly, but rather a respectable, common sense budget for anyone willing to do some DIY.First things first, get the word out. Instead of ... READ the POST

Behind the Scenes: Melody & Jimmy

First and foremost, Congratulations to the new Mr. + Mrs.! There are a lot of pieces and parts that go into creating a specific atmosphere at an event. Here's a Behind the Scenes look at just a few of the elements that went into making this wedding beautiful, magical and unforgettable! Last ... READ the POST

Tips for An Awesome Senior Portrait Session

1.    The Photographer Sure your friend may have a good camera, but that doesn’t make them a good photographer. Your photographer truly needs to be an artist, someone with a vision, talent and enough creative experience to give you the photos you’re dreaming of.   2.     Outfits Choose ... READ the POST

Tips For A Perfect Newborn Photo Shoot

It's best to secure your photographer before baby arrives. If you wait until after, life gets hectic very quickly and you’ll most likely forget to schedule your appointment within that precious 14-day window.   Babies are sleepy and content during their first two weeks of life. After 14 ... READ the POST