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5 Reasons Your Should Have Bridal Portraits

Rehearsal. There are a million moving pieces to a wedding, both before and during the actual event. And those pieces don’t all come together until the actual wedding day. Bridal portraits pre-event give you a chance to test your dress, shoes, make-up and photographer all at one time. Not to mention, ... READ the POST

Why I Choose Film Photography

I thought it might be good to write a bit about why I’ve chosen to be a film photographer, especially in this digital-era we’re living in. I started my career as a film photographer back in 2005 and continued with film photography through college, where I graduated with a degree in Fine Art ... READ the POST

Bridal Portraits: Susan

  What a beautiful dress! What a magical location! What an unforgettable shoot! Susan's winning combination of beautiful, magical, unforgettable made for some stunning photographs! Congratulations to her and Mike, I hope their day is just as beautiful! ... READ the POST

Family & Children Portraits: Simonson-Mills

What a fun photo shoot! Everybody coordinated their outfits perfectly and posed themselves very well, as is evident in this "spoof" family snapshot! It was a perfect day for this photo shoot which was followed by a co-surprise 50th birthday party for Missy (the beautiful Mom) and a grad party for ... READ the POST

Here's to you

What a year it has been! A lot of new projects and fun new clients this past year, I hope it only continues to grow from here! Thank you to everyone who has trusted Poppie Studios with their memories of 2011! I hope to serve you again in 2012! So lift your glass Poppie Studios' fans, here's a toast ... READ the POST