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Turning leads into paying clients

Today I'm sharing a few ways you can educate and nurture leads so that they turn into paying clients. The core to nurturing clients is building trust. This is so important for us creatives especially, because oftentimes a lead is reaching out for info on something they know very little about. ... READ the POST

Make clients fall in love with you

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day is fast approaching! And you know what love does? It makes people take action! So what better time than right now to love on your clients and move them to action, as in booking with you. The same concepts that make us fall in love with each other can be used for ... READ the POST

Finding Your Why with Keneshia Raymond

Starting a business is more than marketing and advertising. It takes a purpose, finding your why. A business with a a solid "why" will attract clients naturally. So before you start marketing your business, Keneshia Raymond of Blissful Creatives recommends first "finding your why". I'm very ... READ the POST

Building emotional relationships with clients

Often times I see so many new creative entrepreneurs focusing on leads and sales in order to grow their businesses. But I'm telling you, building relationships with your customers is key to success. Customers who feel emotionally invested in you are going to be more engaged with your brand. ... READ the POST

Old Florida Wedding Invitations | Custom Invitations

Probably my favorite custom wedding invitation suite to date. These Old Florida wedding invitations speak to my soul! I created these for a styled shoot promoting the upcoming 2019 TAWP Bridal Show. And in the process got to work with some of the most talented Tallahassee wedding vendors at the same ... READ the POST