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Road Map for Small Businesses

Hey Wilds! I'm just gonna say it… business planning doesn't have to suck! Your goals should make you excited to wake up every day and your biz plan should be one that also helps you crush your goals. The first step for creating a successful road map for creatives is goal setting. In episode ... READ the POST

Business Motivation and Accountability

Ever find yourself wondering how some people are able to hit their goals time and time again? You might think they have super powers or a bottomless supply of motivation. But really, it all comes down to accountability.  Today I'm sharing 4 ways you can stay motivated by using accountability ... READ the POST

New Year, New Wild Leaf | Launch Your Biz

If you've been with me since this time last year, then you're probably noticing something missing. Or rather someone. And you would be correct. Alicia and I have parted ways with Wild Leaf Collaborative. Fear not, we are still very much friends in real life. We still co-lead our local Rising ... READ the POST