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Use Instagram to Get Clients, with Nadine Dafrawy

I think it’s safe to say when we launch our businesses, we know we need to have a social media presence. But with so many platforms to choose from, how do you pick the ones that are best for you and your type of creative business? I’m willing to bet that for most of us creatives, Instagram for ... READ the POST

Pinterest for Small Business, with Tammie Jones

Why Pinterest for small business? Why not Instagram or Facebook or Twitter? Pinterest from a personal standpoint is an amazing visual search engine. We type in what we’re interested in (like recipes, hobbies or interests) and we get a virtual endless supply of images that show us what we’re looking ... READ the POST

Overcome Entrepreneur Loneliness, with Kara Evans

When we start our journeys as creative small business owners, we’re essentially left to our own devices to figure everything out. Our enthusiasm for our craft can quickly be overshadowed by administrative tasks and dread. So how do you ensure you stay educated, confident and most importantly, ... READ the POST

What are Mentorships and Masterminds and do you need one? with Jasmine Gentry

Lately there’s been a lot of new buzz around mentorships and masterminds. It seems like everybody’s got a mentorship coach or they’re able to find a mastermind group that has changed their life. It can seem so shiny and new and exciting. Maybe you need one too? Or least that’s what we’re ... READ the POST

Turning leads into paying clients

Today I'm sharing a few ways you can educate and nurture leads so that they turn into paying clients. The core to nurturing clients is building trust. This is so important for us creatives especially, because oftentimes a lead is reaching out for info on something they know very little about. ... READ the POST