Holiday Mini Sessions!

Overcoming the Fear of Doing It Wrong

It’s Fear Week, and since Halloween is right around the corner, we are going to talk about Overcoming the Fear of Doing it Wrong I think we all experience pretty frequently. Fear of Doing it Wrong = Analysis Paralysis Over analyzing and overthinking, and never actually getting it done. You ... READ the POST

Stop Saying "I Already Know That"

 Avoid that mindset! When you start your own business, sometimes people just want to hand you free advice. Now, not all of it is going to work, but you should keep an open mind! After working in her photography business for 3 years, gaining little traction, something told Alicia to look ... READ the POST

How to Lead Your Business with Heart with Reina Pomeroy

Getting Your Head (& Heart) in the Game Today, we share another expert interview with our favorite biz coach, Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co., where we talk all about about all the mindset work required to having a successful and fulfilling business. Having the right frame of mind when you're ... READ the POST

Essential WordPress Plug-Ins

 "There's a plug-in for that" When you start building your website, it can be pretty overwhelming. Then, in a quick google search "How to put a Pin It button on my Wordpress Site" and BOOM! You've fallen down a rabbit whole of 176 plug-ins for Pinterest buttons. But why, though??? No ... READ the POST

Designing for the Non-Designer

 Maintaining a solid brand While having your own personal designer, or being a graphic designer, may be the best way to maintain a brand, sometimes we have to start things on a shoestring budget. On today's episode, we share with you design tips to keep your brand standing out, without looking ... READ the POST

How to Handle Multiple Ventures

Running More Than One Business: When to combine, and when to leave separate [bctt tweet="Creating multiple ventures is part of being a creative. But what do you need to know in order to do it wisely?" username="wildleafcollab"] In today's episode we talk about the different options you have, ... READ the POST