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1.    The Photographer
Sure your friend may have a good camera, but that doesn’t make them a good photographer. Your photographer truly needs to be an artist, someone with a vision, talent and enough creative experience to give you the photos you’re dreaming of.


2.     Outfits
Choose outfits that reflect your unique personality! Be true to yourself. Instead of choosing five or six “okay” outfits, choose three awesome outfits!
a.     One dressy: a gorgeous dress with heels
b.     One casual: your favorite jeans, shoes and a nice top
c.      One that is uniquely you!
Don’t forget to accessorize either! Choose funky statement jewelry that compliments your outfits, but doesn’t overwhelm or take the focus of your beautiful face either.


3.     Props
While clothes are certainly known to “make the man,” the right prop will tell your story. Are you a cheerleader? Nothing says it better than your pom-poms. Love to read? Bring a stack of your favorite books. Play a sport? A volleyball or a softball say it all.


4.     Appearance
How often do you get to have your hair and make-up professionally done? That’s right, almost never! Schedule that appointment the day of your photo session so you’ll love, and feel, your absolute best!


5.     Be on time and be ready

Photography all comes down to light. Some of the best photos you’ve seen were probably done with natural light. The best light during the day lasts about two hours, so make sure  you’re on time and have everything in order to ensure you get as much time in front of the lens as possible. The best way to do that? Have three boxes to hold your outfits, accessories and prop: one for each of your three photo ideas.

And remember: relax and be you! Your photographer is a professional, they know how to pose you, your outfit and your props in ways that will make you look your best: beautiful, magical, unforgettable.



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It’s best to secure your photographer before baby arrives. If you wait until after, life gets hectic very quickly and you’ll most likely forget to schedule your appointment within that precious 14-day window.


Babies are sleepy and content during their first two weeks of life. After 14 days, babies become more alert and aware of their surroundings. They’re no longer comfortable in those adorable womb-like poses.


Get in touch with your photographer, if they haven’t already contacted you, about a week after delivery, to reconfirm your appointment.
Review, and complete, the checklist below prior to the photo shoot. Otherwise, both you and the photographer will likely spend too much time trying to soothe the baby and not enough time capturing beautiful, magical, unforgettable portraits.




·       Most important (!!!): Keep baby awake 1-2 hours prior to the shoot. This will ensure baby is sleepy for the session.


·       Nursing mothers: avoid spicy foods 24 hours prior to the shoot, which may upset baby’s tummy.


·       Ensure baby has a full belly prior toarriving for the shoot.


·       Dress baby in loose clothing, but avoid clothing that must be pulled over baby’s head to be removed. Why loose clothing? It won’t leave lines on baby’s skin.


·       Bring a pacifier.


·       During the shoot, sit back and relax. Take advantage of this time to rest! Your professional photographer knows how to hold and handle your new bundle of joy.


·       Do you want a sibling included in some photos? Maybe a couple family photos too? Let your photographer know this when scheduling your session. Typically, older siblings (who are often rambunctious toddlers) should be photographed with their new sibling first then allowed to play in a separate room while newborn photos are taken.


If you have a preferred color scheme or specific props in mind, discuss that with your photographer ahead of time. That way they can have the studio completely ready to go before you arrive with your sleepy and content baby.


A little planning and quick preparation will help your newborn session run smoothly, with precious photos as proof!




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This whimsical and fun shoot is exactly what Poppie Studios means by “choosing a location that is unique to you as a couple.” Jimmy proposed to Melody at Dorothy B. Oven park last Christmas so that’s where they decided to shoot their engagement and Save-the-Date photos.


He popped the questions under the glow of the holiday lights display. How sweet!
Congratulations Melody & Jimmy! Looking forward to your special day!
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