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Hi there!

I’m Emily of Poppie Studios and I wanted to thank you for visiting me! I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. Photography, creating stationery, lettering, you name it and I probably love it!

I have a collection of scrapbooks and awards to prove it and degrees in Photography and Advertising thanks to it.

Fast forward to my wedding and my DIY spirit was still going strong. I made our wedding invite suite (with copper accents and wax seals), our menu, cocktails signs and even the geometric terrariums on all the tables!

And I absolutely loved it!

It was because of my wedding that I really honed all my crafts. Calligraphy with dip pens is gorgeous and I love offering it to clients now. Deckle edges, aka hand-torn edges, be still my heart! Wax seals on top of silk ribbon belly bands, I can’t get enough!

I think as creatives and artists, we wonder if we can actually make a living doing what we love. We do it for ourselves and maybe a few friends but the doubt creeps in about how to do it fulltime. I took the plunge just one month before I got married. Talk about stress! But I have no regrets. It was perfect timing. And I hope more creatives will find the strength and courage to turn their passions into careers.

I run my studio out of my beautiful home office in Tallahassee, Florida, surrounded by plants I’m trying to keep alive with my rescue dogs at my feet.

On weekends I’m probably at a wedding, but as a wedding photographer now, not as the bride or guest. And during the week I’m creating invitation suites for couples in love, logos and branding for fellow small businesses, and hosting a podcast for creatives. All from our humble little home with the yellow front door.

DIYing my own wedding really lit my fire and now I love serving brides and businesses alike. I will always try to accommodate your needs. If I don’t have an answer, my network of wedding professionals and fellow creatives probably do. 

Don’t think that custom has to mean expensive either. I’m willing to work within you budget. So drop me a line and let’s work together!


poppie studios tallahassee wedding invites xoxo


A few fun facts about me

1. My favorite traits as an Enneagram 9:

2. My favorite biz-title is:
   a. Photographer
   b. Graphic Designer
   c. Biz Coach
   d. dog-rescuer
   e. all of the above

3. I’m guilty of:
Eating all the ice-cream when my husband isn’t home

4. A few of my favorite things:
   Podcast: The BobbyCast
   TV Show: Impractical Jokers
   Book: How To Win Friends and Influence People
   Drink: French 75
   Color: mustard yellow

5. On my day off you’ll find me:
At the beach, with a cooler full of drinks and snacks, and my dogs

6. An interesting fact about me is:
I wear a size 13 shoe! It’s SO hard to find comfy shoes that are also cute!

7. Most days you’ll find me wearing:
A dressy top paired with stretchy black pants, combined with a messy bun and some mascara. I actually really like looking professional but don’t like overdoing it. Hence the blouse and mascara, simple but not over-the-top. Life’s about balance - amiright?

8. Someone I admire is:
My grandpa Otto. He was an entrepreneur with a heart for helping people. He’s the example I try to mimic in all that I do, by putting people first while building an empire for future generations.

My Passion Projects

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