Meet Emily

We find pleasure in the luxurious, you and I. And appreciate the art of beautiful, handcrafted goods. Things that are sophisticated yet tell a story are things we cherish.

I’ve always been drawn to the stories behind things. And it was when I intentionally began seeking out the heart, what was at the core, of the things I enjoyed - that’s when I began to find meaning in all that I do. I yearn to capture that essence for all of my clients - invitations, photography and brands. Because that’s what drives and attracts… heart and purpose.

For the last 15 years I’ve had the honor of serving couples, families and brands like you. From documenting love stories behind weddings and families. To creating luxurious and sophisticated wedding invitations. To helping small businesses fall in love with their own brand. I celebrate and savor the deeper levels of love, commitment and excitement that my clients experience when they work with me. I’m here to tell the very real story of you.

While I am an artist, at my core I’m a realist and a romantic. And as we work together, you’ll see how that translates into me ensuring that you love the process as much as the final product. So if you’re searching for some way to capture the best of your story, I would be honored to be your guide. Together, you and I, we’ll create timeless, artistic heirlooms.



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the team

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Bespoke wedding invitation designer. Lifestyle wedding and family photographer. Rescue animal advocate. Traveler. Believer in community over competition. Sushi obsessed. Gin and wine enthusiast. Cyclist. Equal parts realist and romantic.

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Attentive, loyal, wise. Easy to love by humans and animals alike. Former runner and adventurer, who was at home wherever Emily was. She enjoyed the finer things in life: afternoon naps in the sun and ear scritches. Sadly, after 15 years of devoted companionship, Bailee passed away in early 2023 at nearly 16 years old.

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Sensitive, goofy and tripawd. Loud bark, no bite. Lives for cuddles and kisses. Loves exploring on walks in the woods, rolling in the grass and sampling all food. Though he lost his leg due to abuse early in life, that hasn't stopped him from living life or giving love full force.

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giving back

photographer | designer | animal rights advocate


Growing up on what’s considered a hobby farm, it was easy for Emily to fall in love with animals. But it was her first “adult” dog, Bailee, adopted from a rescue in rural Ohio, who made Emily passionate about advocating for rescue animals.

During her time in Florida, Emily began volunteering to walk dogs at the local animal shelter in Tallahassee. And shortly after, she was asked to serve as Marketing Chair on the board for the Animal Shelter Foundation . A nonprofit whose mission is to help the pets in the care of Tallahassee Animal Services.

It was through this nonprofit that she found and adopted her second rescue, Frank. A three-legged pup whose amputation was the result of abuse at just two months old. Frank opened Emily’s eyes even further to the love of shelter pups, specifically bully breeds.

"My truest purpose in life is to help advocate for rescue animals, specifically bully breeds who are some of the most vulnerable shelter pets. That’s why I donate a portion of all profits annually to local rescue organizations, like ASF."


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