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What a year it has been! A lot of new projects and fun new clients this past year, I hope it only continues to grow from here! Thank you to everyone who has trusted Poppie Studios with their memories of 2011! I hope to serve you again in 2012! So lift your glass Poppie Studios’ fans, here’s a toast to you for all the moments of 2011 we shared and the beautiful, magical, unforgettable moments of 2012 we’ll create!

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Hey everyone! If you’re here because you clicked on the blog icon from… HOORAY! I am so very excited to have designed and published my very own site, from scratch. It was no easy feat, seeing as how just saying “HTML” makes me nauseous, light-headed and exhausted. But it’s up, there are a few bugs to work out but the main thing, the Contact form, works great so any feedback is excitedly appreciated!

I hope this is the start of new fun sessions with great new people!

Until next time, remember life is always beautiful, magical, unforgettable.

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Had a fantastic time today shooting photos for the website (anticipated launch date of September 1!). Ended up having beautiful weather, lots of sunshine and cool breezes! A huge thanks to my mother for helping me haul my equipment and props around in the heat, through the fields! I’m sure we looked like run-aways, what with her pushing a bike, me pulling a wagon containing a suitcase, picnic basket and a chair and our little dog trotting along beside us! And another big thanks to my father for letting me borrow his recently overhauled ’67 GMC that eventually overheated and died on him. But they got cupcakes and angel food bundt cakes out of it at least! And I got the perfect shots I was looking for!

Here’s just a little sneak peek of the website soon to come!

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My Great Aunt Eloise turned 85 this past June, what a beautiful classic lady she is! I made the invitations, with help from Linda to find a childhood photo! We coordinated a party in Grant & Laura’s new-to-them old barn, made lots of Marty’s famous grilled chicken, Evelyn’s mouth-watering potato salad, beer and desserts – what a fun summer party it turned out to be!

Thank you, Aunt Eloise, for all that you have done and been throughout my life. I may have mistook you for Grandma as a child, but know now that is was no accident mistaking you as a grandmotherly figure (I mean that in the absolute best of ways!).

You always have been the type of woman I hope to become!

Many more birthdays and memories to you, Eloise!

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