Capturing your Beautiful. Magical. Unforgettable life through photography and design.

The idea behind red poppies, a symbol of remembrance, is the foundation behind my designs and photography. I will capture the most precious moments of your life so that you will forever remember them exactly as they were:

beautiful, magical, unforgettable… just like red poppies.

I can turn any event in your life into beauty through the creation of custom invitations, announcements, cards, etc in conjunction with artistic photography taken of you and your event! Additionally, I will help you design your event, from decorations to caterers, to ensure your event feels and looks exactly like you desire.
My love of photography was discovered through the lens of a 35mm Pentax. After winning several county and state awards I knew I had discovered something bigger than myself, worth sharing with others.
I obtained degrees from Ball State University in Advertising and Art Photography.

Let my passion for the arts help capture your life’s most beautiful, magical and unforgettable moments today!


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