Film Camera and Photography

There are many reasons I choose to shoot using a film camera for my photography. 40 years ago the first digital camera was invented, and it was an awesome .01 megapixel – woo! But in those quick 40 years, digital has quickly overpowered film cameras and photography. If you think film camera and photography is outdated, let me educate you a little in the other direction.

Film photography was already perfect. All those albums in your parents attic, full of 3x5s? Those were taken using a film camera, and you love them so much for that very reason. And guess what, all those film photos were perfect – no retouching necessary.

Film camera and photography images are forever. They are permanent. There’s no accidentally deleting them, having them corrupt or having to choose which images to delete in order to make room for more images that you’ll likely never print. Film photography forces you to slow down, make intelligent decisions about the film you’re using and there’s no picking and choosing which film photographs mean the most to you. You have to print tangible film photographs before getting to see the result. You don’t have 1000 rolls of undeveloped film sitting around, because in order to share those film photographs you have to develop the roll.

No electricity is required to operate a film camera. So when that zombie apocalypse finally happens, you’ll want to be able to document it. And the sure-fire way to capture it? Film camera and photography.

Be different. Stand out in a crowd. Be a conversation starter. Be knowledgeable about film cameras and photography. Blow someone’s mind with your infinite film wisdom and make them appreciate the film camera all over again.

Film Camera and Photography


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