Christmas cookies are great, but not cookie-cutter holiday cards

Sending out custom-made Christmas cards can seem like a time-consuming process. Because let’s face it, we’ve all seriously considered just finding a bargain box of cards at the huge retailer and slapping a stamp on them: happy holidays y’all. But that’s not very merry or jolly, is it?
Thankfully, with Poppie Studios, customized cards can be created with unique personal touches. A little planning and some creativity can go a long way in spreading holiday cheer this year.
Birth Announcement Holiday Card

First, whose on your mailing list? My personal list is rather small, consisting of family and close friends. However, my grandmother’s list? That includes pretty much everybody she’s ever met from birth to present day: distant relatives, acquaintances, classmates, old business associates. It’s a pretty extensive list folks.

Thankfully for Grandma though, Grandpa learned how to use Excel and keeps a nice tidy list of everyone on the holiday-card list: name, address and birthday too! So once she’s picked out a card design, she has Grandpa print out address labels and she can get her entire card-process wrapped up in a couple of days. Me on the other hand, I must call my Mother or go through old texts/e-mails every year to find addresses. Some day, I will organize all of it. Some day.
Family Portrait Holiday Card

The ideal time to send out holiday cards is mid-December, so even the farthest distance recipient receives theirs around December 20th at the latest. Sending cards overseas can take up to two weeks, just FYI.

In order to get them in mail by December 15th, you should contact Poppie Studios, discuss your ideas and finalize a design no later than Thanksgiving. That way you can sign, seal and stamp them within a week or two. Naturally though, the sooner the better.
With a little planning on your part and my creative talents, your friends and family can receive beautiful, custom-made Christmas cards in time to spread some holiday cheer!
New House Holiday Card


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