Products: Wood Wall Art

Did you know I offer custom photo products like these rustic Wood Wall Art pieces? Using one (or several) of your favorite photos, I can create a gorgeous arrangement of wall art that is printed directly on to wood panels – yeah, awesome!
Here’s just one example to give you inspiration if you’re considering Wood Wall Art:
Horizontal Reverse Picture Window
Go natural, give your photos a stunning display. These panels come with a special kit to make hanging easy and flawless: it includes a printed-to-scale template along with a self-adhesive level! Because we all know how difficult it is to try to hold a photo, pencil and level perfectly still with just two hands! 

Just something to keep in mind, any white in your photo(s) won’t print. Instead, you’ll see the rustic wood grain – beautiful! Call me today, we’ll get your Wood Wall Art created and get your home decorated in no time! And remember, I do in-home consultations to help you choose the best locations and sizes for your custom home decor.
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