Ordering Senior Graduation Announcements

What a huge milestone in our lives: graduating from high school. It’s an exciting time, one during which it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of your final few months as a high schooler. But don’t forget to order your graduation announcements and invitations (from Poppie Studios of course) during this time. 
It may seem like graduation is still a long way off, you just got back from Winter Vacation after all. But these next several months are going to fly by! You should have already had your senior photo session last semester so why not use some of those photos are your announcements/invitations? With Poppie Studios, you can have a design created exclusively for you using your photos and favorite colors/design elements.
Normally, invites are mailed to friends and family 6-8 weeks for the actual graduation ceremony, so be sure to order in plenty of time for me to create your design, print and ship them to you.
Typically, ordering custom announcements from me takes a few weeks from start to finish. That includes time to create your custom design, get your input and make any revisions, and time to print then ship them to you. Once you get your awesome invites, write a personal note on each one then send it out!
With all these factors to take into consideration, you can see it’s actually not too early to start thinking about what you want to do for your announcements. The best timeline to follow, in order to have the least amount of stress, is one that involves ordering your invites 10-12 weeks before your graduation ceremony. That gives us plenty of time to make all decisions and get it all done in time.
I can’t wait to create your custom announcements and celebrate this big milestone with you!


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