Tips for Photographing Special Occasions

2.10.15 title
I’ve been asked to photograph special family events many times. While photographing these special occasions (like birthday parties or anniversaries) is a lot of fun, it isn’t always easy, especially when children or large groups are involved. Here are some of my tips for you to ensure you’re able to capture your event on your own:
First, ask one person specifically to be the photographer. This way they can focus on taking photos instead of also serving cake or writing down who gave which gift. 
Second, get the perspective of the honoree. If it’s a birthday party for a child, take shots from their height. Have photos at their eye-level, it captures how they felt the best.
Next, adjust white balance settings! Most family celebrations happen indoors where the lighting can be unflattering due to artificial light, which leaves photos looking yellow or green. Learning to master white balance is a whole other blog post, but you can quickly learn the basics for your camera by reading the manual (boring) or Googling what you need to know for you specific model.
Lastly, details. In addition to candid shots of everyone interacting together (such as hugging, cheering or making a toast) it’s great to capture the details. Sprinkles and candles on cakes. Balloons and decorations. Gifts sitting on a table. These are the photos when it’s most fun to make them almost abstract, get real close so they fill the frame.
Now that you’ve got a designated photographer and a few ideas of what shot to include, go enjoy your party!


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