Favorite Spring Photo Accessories

3.18.15 title

After every winter (no matter how long it may seem) spring follows. And with it comes a resurgence of vibrant color and nature blooming. Flowers are a very beautiful accessory to include in springtime photos. Their new buds and bursting colors lend themselves to lovely backdrops.
Another great element to include is water. You know the saying, “April showers grow May flowers.” Why not include some of those “Showers” in your photos? Puddles, rain drops on windows, umbrellas.
And of course sunlight. Natural sunlight in spring has it’s own unique glow. No longer gray from winter, not quite a hot orange of summer. Spring’s light is a romantic yellow. Airy. New. Magical.
Sound wonderful yet? Yeah, it does to me too. Contact me today and we’ll capture the best of you during the best of spring.


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