What I Love About Newborn Sessions

Having been a newborn photographer for a little over four years, I’ve learned quite a few things. But the most important thing I’ve learned is: a successful session is more than beautiful photos. A successful session is one during which baby sleeps well, mom and dad are comfortable and we all feel excited about the session when we’re done.

As the client, you can rest assured I’m confident in what I’m doing. I’ve attended classes specifically about newborn photography, in which we did hands-on posing. Additionally, I’ve learned soothing techniques, for both the baby and you, the parents. I completely understand this is your beautiful little baby, and if you’ve seen my work then you’ve seen how gentle I am with newborns.

I believe in clear communication, before during and after your session. Together we can ensure both of our goals are met. For me, I want to ensure you have no doubts or concerns about the type of photographs and the quality of work you will receive. For you, I want to ensure you are prepared for the session in terms of feeding, sleeping and props.

Keeping baby comfortable is priority number one. Therefore I always have the heat on. If I’m not sweating, it’s probably not warm enough. I even warm the beanbag they’ll be posed on! I keep my hand on baby at all times, for safety and their sense of security.

So, what so I love about newborn sessions? Of course the photos, but also satisfied parents who enter and leave the session feeling like the rockstar parents that they are!


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