Classes/Seminars I've Attended Recently

Back in January of this year, I made the decision to seek out other local photographers and build myself a support group. Lucky for me, a support group had already been created right here in my backyard, the Tallahassee Professional Photographer’s Guild (TPPG). It’s a wonderfully supportive networking group created to promote the education and training of local professional photographers, like myself.
TPPG Monthly Meeting: I’m on the very far right

Even more lucky for me, I joined right as they were putting together Mini Seminars taught by some of Tally’s finest photographers. So here’s a quick overview of several of the seminars I attended in order to better what Poppie Studios has to offer you, my clients!

How to Photograph Newborns: Kate Bellflower. We went over how to photograph newborns the safe way and she shared tips and tricks on how to achieve a happy session for all parties. 
How to Photograph Newborns: Kate Bellflower

The Anatomy of a Wedding: Mary Beth Tyson. We discussed how to take the ugly and and turn it into the beautiful: ugly spaces and venues, cluttered rooms, boring locations, timelines that fall behind and force you to shoot in the dark. Like she said, “Creating something out of nothing is what makes a photographer an artist.”

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Camera: Terri Smith

Selling Without the Sleaze: Olyn Long. Let me be honest with you real quick. It used to be terrifying to me to ask clients for money – even though I had done a service for them, therefore they owed me monetary compensation. With help from Olyn, we learned that when done well, selling is an opportunity to maximize the satisfaction of our clients. He helped us understand our position in the relationship between photographer and client: we are the experts our clients trust to not only create fantastic images but decorate their homes.

Why Film Works for Me: Shannon Griffin. This seminar really had me geeking out. She is also a hybrid photographer (using film and digital) just as I am. So it was a great opportunity to be reminded why I fell in love with photography in the first place – because of film and everything that goes with it: metering, exposures, developing film and prints.

I attend seminars like these so that I can stay on top of my game, thus providing my clients with the best, most educated, up-to-date version of myself possible. Regardless of your profession, I would encourage you to find a support/networking group that you can learn from and grow with.


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