How To Prep for Your Best Photography Session

A great photo shoot is a collaboration between myself, the photographer and you, the client. When we work together the results will always be awesome! I understand that the majority of my clients aren’t models, i.e. you’re not used to “working it” in front of the camera, so I don’t expect you to know a lot about how a session will go. When you schedule a session with Poppie Studios, I take the time to truly understand your needs and go over with you what needs to happen in order to get exactly what you want from your session.


First things first, why? Why do you want photographs taken? Not “because you’re supposed to have family portraits taken every year” or because you “need a holiday card” but perhaps, instead, because you want to capture your family’s unique dynamics for wall prints or to convey a special holiday message.


Once we know the why, we can discuss the look. This ties in with the why. You want nice wall prints? Then consider the decor in the room where these photos will be displayed. Your wardrobe in the photos should match and blend with your home decor. Same applies to holiday cards, choose outfits that go with the theme.


Location is also very important. If we’re shooting indoors we want to ensure there aren’t things in the background that will take the focus away from you – same can be said for outdoor spots as well. Outside though, we have to take into consideration the weather conditions: too sunny, too hot, too dark. All of those elements can be distracting both during the shoot and in the photos themselves.


The day of the shoot doesn’t need to be nerve-wracking! Just be patient and peaceful. Allow for plenty of time to get to the location early, get good sleep the night before and don’t eat in the hour beforehand so you’re not bloated or uncomfortable – but do bring snacks for the kiddos so they’re not hangry (hungry + angry) during the shoot!


During the shoot, relax. I’m a professional and we’re just here capturing your fun family on film. There will be some posing, but nothing that feels awkward or forced. If you ever feel uncomfortable, just say something. Feel free to ask for a break and chill for a second.


After the session we’ll get back together a week or so later to look at your awesome photos. During that time you pick out your favorites and we figure out the best way to utilize them: decorate your home with a gallery wall or choose the best one for your holiday card.


I hope these tips have you feeling excited and prepared for your next session with Poppie Studios!


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