Choosing the Best Photos from Your Session

9.22.15 titleWhen we sit down together a couple weeks after your session to review and choose your favorite images, it’s my job to help you “see the forest through all the trees.” I’m a firm believer in quality, not quantity.

There have been occasions where I take several photos in quick succession. I may even take a few before you were ready. When that happens, I’m usually metering for light, or trying to avoid eye blinks or hair blowing over your face. I’ve had clients say “I heard you taking lots of photos, where are the rest for me to see?” It’s my responsibility to present to you the images in which you look your best, the ones that convey the best emotions and truly capture your personality.

If I show you too many images, you can quickly become overwhelmed and unable to choose what you truly love. On the other hand, if I provide too few you may feel disappointed or even cheated out of something. Like everything in life, there is a balance.

As a film photographer, the “spray and pray” method of shooting rapid-fire then hoping for something good isn’t a viable option. This mentality alone helps reduce a lot of “waste.”

9.22.15 tripleDuring our selection session, I show you images are a moderate size and scale. I do it this way for a couple of reasons. From a distance you can’t see all of my “imperfections” and I’ve even been complimented on my “great” skin. I however, have seen myself in one of those hideous zoom mirrors and let me tell you – I have pores, lots of them. And blackheads, gray hairs, wrinkles, slightly crooked teeth and an uneven smile. But how often is someone seeing me THAT close? Never. No one, other than myself, is ever going to see my “flaws” at that scale.

That’s why I show your images on a scale that you, and others, will view them. Like on a gallery wall in your home. Even if one of your guests were to creep a little too closely at the beautiful canvas wrap on your living room wall, they wouldn’t be able to zoom-in so closely as to see any imperfections.

Also during our selection session, I choose several together at a time. When we view images in a group we are able to quickly and easily choose the ones we like best. If you were to scroll through one by one you could become overwhelmed and unable to see the differences as easily.

I know the selection process can be stressful. What if you don’t pick the right ones? Trust me. We did. And when you leave the ordering session with a bunch of great items, you’ll be excited to display your images asap. Believe me. This is my job 🙂

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