Get to Know Your Photographer | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

11.11.15 title
I recently shot a wedding for which the Maid of Honor was the one reaching out to prospective photographers on behalf of the Bride. During my initial phone call with her I began asking her questions about the Bride + Groom. A few questions in, she said “I think she’d really like you. Why don’t I have her call you later today and you two can talk in more detail?”

The Bride and I chatted later than evening and the next day they decided to book with Poppie Studios. Hooray! They were a super laid back couple, loved riding motorcycles together and were DIYing a majority of the decor for their reception – which looked fantastic. I was so impressed when I arrived the day of their wedding and saw how simple yet gorgeous the entire event looked and felt.

I had a blast at this wedding. The couple was extremely photogenic, even though they both claimed not to be. The Bride, Maid of Honor and I all commented on how it seemed we had been friends for a long time because we instantly had a connection. In fact, friends and family thought I must have been a friend by the way we got along so well.

The point? That’s why I chat with you beforehand, and ask some personal questions. Because I want to know you, and you me. That way, even if we don’t have the opportunity to meet in person before the shoot, at least we’ll feel like we know who we’re meeting.

The Maid of Honor later confessed to me that I was the only photographer to ask to get to know the Bride + Groom, their story, their personalities to such an extent like I did. Which seems crazy to me! What kind of photographer wouldn’t want to get to know their client? How can I provide such a custom-personalized service like lifestyle photography if I don’t even really know who it is in front of the camera?

Moral of the story? Make sure your photographer is interested in getting to know you. And get to know them too.


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