Put on your stretchy pants and pass the pie

Thanksgiving text

In between servings of turkey and raisin pie (it’s a delicious, wonderful, misunderstood delicacy – I promise), I’d like to let you know how thankful I am…

I started Poppie Studios because I’m passionate about capturing memories on film. If you’ve ever had a photo session with me, if you’re a new client of mine, if you’ve purchased prints through me, or if you’ve read any content on my blog, you can hear the excitement in my voice, I hope 🙂

But none of this would exist if there weren’t wonderful clients like you. None of this would exist if you didn’t think photography was an artform. None of this would exist if you didn’t believe in me and the truth that I’m doing more of what I love. And that, my friend, is why I am thankful today!

I am thankful for you and your unforgettable life-moments. I am thankful that your desire for my framed photography artwork on your walls glows magically. And I’m thankful that you are letting me live my life brightly and boldly.

I am incredibly grateful for your readership and excitement about Poppie Studios, but more importantly that I am able to dream big dreams and then go out in the world and make those dreams come true because of you.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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