Event Promotion for Wellness Week

Event Promotions for Wellness Week

GTO Access Systems is a local Tallahassee business. It’s growing very quickly which means more employees and that means more opportunities for their Wellness Committee to have fun events for their employees. I was asked to create an event that catered to a majority of their workers, was points/rewards based and would last for approximately 10 weeks. In the past, GTO had held weightloss challenges, but because not everyone needs or wants to lose weight I suggested a 10-Week Wellness Challenge.

Here’s the premise: “We’ll kick-off the challenge with our Wellness Week! Each day that week focuses on an aspect of Wellness: stress relief, eating better, moving more, optimism. And we’ll have guest speakers or activities each day that week! Each month of the challenge will focus on one of the three main parts (food, fitness or mental wellbeing) while the Weightloss Challenge will take place during the entire 10 weeks…

Event Promotions for Wellness Week

… Not everyone needs/wants to lose weight. That’s why we’re making it a separate Challenge-Within-A-Challenge! Weekly weigh-ins and BMI tracking will help you reach your goals. Prizes will be awarded to the individuals with most pounds lost as well as largest BMI decrease.”

Event Promotions for Wellness Week

My efforts and designs for this Challenge were entered into Tallahassee’s Working Well Star Awards, and won! These designs received both the Recognition Award and the highly coveted Innovation Award. I’m honored and excited to have been part of this inaugural event and look forward to this becoming an annual event for many years to come!


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