What Should I Wear to Our Photo Session? | Tallahassee Photographer

“Please tell me what to wear to our photo session!” That’s the first thing I often hear from clients after they book a session. Figuring out what to wear can paralyze people and make procrastinators out of even the most efficient preppers. There’s a few basic things I advise clients to take into consideration when choosing outfits.

What Should I Wear to A Photo Session

1. Colors: Choose a color scheme with your location in mind. You don’t want your clothing to clash with the surroundings or for any one person’s outfit to distract from the rest of the family. I recommend picking one main color with two supporting colors and a neutral to tie it all together.

2. Patterns: Now that you know your color scheme, throw in a pattern to break-up the monotony of solids. A solid merlot top and gold scarf can look fabulous next to a neutral plaid.

What Should I Wear to A Photo Session

3. Home Decor: What you plan to use your photos for can, and should, dominate your color choices. If the end-goal is to frame and hang them, take into consideration your home decor. I have a yellow front door, gray walls and blue accents. So my portraits include those colors.

4. Gifts: If you plan to use your photos on your holiday cards, why not gift framed prints too? Parents grandparents and godparents, will always love up-to-date photos that are ready to hang!

What Should I Wear to A Photo Session

And remember, if all of this still seems overwhelming to you, bring your dog. No one will even notice what you’re wearing 🙂


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