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Demi + Shon | Branding Session | Tallahassee Photographer

Demi contacted me and said she loved how, on my About page, I said focus on capturing candid moments that occur naturally between two people who are in love. That’s exactly what she wanted to have for her branding photography. Demi and Shon have been in love and married for 18 years! And now, they’re getting ready to start offering marriage advice professionally! Enough of their friends and family have asked what their secrets are to staying married so long that they’ve decided to put it all out there. This was the first of more-to-come branding photography sessions with Demi and Shon as they develop their brand and set to launch.

Tallahassee branding photographer Hotel Duval anniversary photos

It was a bit of a dreary day, usually my favorite because of the color of the light, but it was right on the cusp of raining too. Our first branding session survived being rained out though and we were able to capture some truly beautiful photos, full of love, laughter and emotion. This location was new for me as a photographer but somewhere I frequent quite often personally. The black walls looked gorgeous in the overcast light, really making the greens of the landscaping pop.

Tallahassee branding photographer Hotel Duval anniversary photos

Because Demi and Shon will be using these photos from their branding photography session for their own marketing, I don’t want to overshare. But I couldn’t not share some of these fabulous branding photography photos though! These two laughed so much, which made me smile the entire time. By the time we wrapped up my cheeks hurt. I loved this branding photography session with them and can’t wait to serve them again.

Tallahassee branding photographer Hotel Duval anniversary photos

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