Custom Illustration Wedding Invitations

I don’t know of any couple that says they want their wedding to look cookie-cutter and just like the next wedding. But it’s hard to truly be unique when everyone is copying the same trends on Instagram and Pinterest. That’s why I’m such a cheerleader for illustrated wedding paper goods. Yes, everyone might be doing them, but if they’re custom to your wedding, then no one else will have them! Custom illustration wedding invitations, menu cards, maps and event family monograms  are beautiful way to make your day personal and unique!

Custom Illustration Wedding Invitations | Tallahassee wedding invitation designer

Couples Portraits

A custom couples portrait is a fun way to add that one-of-a-kind touch to your wedding invitations. Couples portraits truly are timeless keepsakes that are fully customizable from the dress, suit, flowers, hair… every detail can match your style.

Wedding Monograms

Also known as wedding logos or wedding initials, these are great as envelope seals and even to provide to your DJ would can project it on the dance floor or wall!

Wedding Maps

If you’re looking for that extra special guest experience, a custom wedding map illustration is perfect! Wedding Maps are a great way to “show” your guests around town by including itinerary details or your favorite “must see” spots around town!

Custom Illustration Wedding Invitations | Tallahassee wedding invitation designer

Botanical Wedding Invitations

If you love nature and want to incorporate it into your wedding, botanical wedding invitations are a great way to let guests know about your beautiful wedding style.


Imagine your guests reactions to receiving hand-addressed wedding invitations featuring calligraphy envelopes. There’s nothing like it! Calligraphy is classic and timeless.

Custom Illustration Wedding Invitations | Tallahassee wedding invitation designer

That’s a lot to take in. Choosing wedding invitations can become overwhelming very quickly. There’s so many beautiful custom details to take into consideration. Do you do them all? How do you combine them in a tasteful way? Let me save you the time of sorting through paper samples and choosing between block lettering or script fonts.

If you want one-of-a-kind wedding invitations without the overwhelm, custom wedding illustrations are perfect for you! Maybe you want a monogram and a couples portrait featuring your dog? With custom illustration wedding invitations, having your wedding be unique is easier (and less expensive!) than you think!


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