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Fuel for your biz planning

All this talk about small biz planning in January, you’re probably burnt out by now! But there’s a very good reason for all this noise. Nothing will bring you greater success than having a big picture plan and steps in place to achieve it. So today I’m talking about what’s fueling your big picture plans.

It’s said that 80% of success is psychology and 20% is mechanics. Which means that what you think and how you feel about a goal will greatly impact the end result.

Beliefs are thoughts repeated

Train your brain to think about possibility and opportunity. What and who do you have available to you to help you achieve your goals? What are your strengths? What’s worked in the past? What are your recent successes and who or what was there to make accomplishing them possible?

Lastly, think about who you know and what can they offer. Having a networking group you can pull from with a variety of backgrounds and diverse opinions is a great tool for you to pull from in order to build new skills and continue learning. Check out Rising Tide Society and find a local Tuesday Together chapter to help fuel your plans and keep you accountable.

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So as you’re creating your big picture plan, keep in mind how important it is to take into consideration the how’s and who’s (head) and the why’s (heart) before writing the plan for your hands. That’s when your strategy will have meaning, and the motivation to make it happen.

Speaking of motivation and being intentional, this month’s FREEBIE covers both so you can get started on a solid foundation of successful biz planning. Click here to grab your copy!

Until next time, stay Wild!

xoxo – Emily

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