Maria and Dillon | Tallahassee Elopement Photography

With 2020 and all that it was, those of us in the wedding and event industries saw a definite increase in elopements. I always love capturing elopements but found it even more romantic this past year. Maria and Dillon were one of my many Tallahassee elopement photography couples this past summer, having gotten married at Waverly Park Pond. 

Tallahassee Elopement Photography

Waverly Pond Elopment

Amanda, with A Beautiful Wedding in Florida officiating, brought us together at Waverly Pond for their intimate elopement wedding ceremony. Their two children joined them, which meant we were able to capture some adorable family portraits after the ceremony too. I love Waverly Park Pond for elopements in Tallahassee because it’s not nearly as busy and crowded as other parks around the city. The gazebo is perfect for the elopement ceremony. And the immediate surrounding landscaping makes a beautiful backdrop for bridal portraits and intimate couple portraits too.

Waverly Park Pond, Tallahassee, Florida wedding elopement

Tallahassee Elopement Photography

I’d highly recommend working with A Beautiful Wedding in Florida for an easy elopement experience. Amanda is great at coordinating everything and making couples feel comfortable and arranging a photographer (like myself) for your Tallahassee Elopement Photography. 

Waverly Park Pond, Tallahassee, Florida family portraits
Waverly Park Pond, Tallahassee, Florida wedding elopement

After a sweet ceremony in the gazebo, Maria and Dillon, along with their two beautiful children, took advantage of the surrounding landscaping at Waverly Park Pond for some fun family portraits. I adore her black dress, and the deep colors in her bouquet from A Country Rose. Elopements can be made super special with personal touches like that.

Elopement floral bouquet, Waverly Park Pond, Tallahassee, Florida

I loved meeting Maria and Dillon, and their children, and working with Amanda at their Waverly Park Pond elopement ceremony. I love their photos and hope you do too! And if you’re considering something similar for yourself, I’d be honored to be your own elopement photographer. Get it in touch with me to get it scheduled!


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