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A Guide to Pricing | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

On a fairly regular basis, a potential client contacts me with an inquiry about if they can “just have a disc of images” instead of prints. After all, you can go to the nearest drugstore and have an 8x10 printed for $2 so why on earth would you pay upwards of $15 for a custom photography print? Why ... READ the POST

Mohler Family Mini Holiday Session | Tallahassee Family Photographer

I always know it's going to be a fun shoot when the family coordinates as well as the Mohler's did. And can we just talk about how adorable this family is even without the holiday-styled outfits? Too cute! There was a lot of jumping, laughing, running up and down hills and tree-shaking. Yep, shaking ... READ the POST

Put on your stretchy pants and pass the pie

In between servings of turkey and raisin pie (it's a delicious, wonderful, misunderstood delicacy - I promise), I'd like to let you know how thankful I am... I started Poppie Studios because I'm passionate about capturing memories on film. If you've ever had a photo session with me, if you're a ... READ the POST

Gorgeous Intimate Wedding | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Let's just admire for a minute how stunning this intimate backyard wedding is. Orange, grapefruit and lemon trees full of fruit. Italian blue and white tile surrounding a fountain. Beautifully done hand-made decorations. And of course, the gorgeous couple! Josh and Nikki were so much fun to be ... READ the POST

Long Weekend in Long Beach

This time last year we visiting Long Beach, California! During the day Tim attended the conference and I got to catch up on some rest and relaxation by the pool. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city! We went for a run along the boardwalk Saturday morning. Had absolutely delicious food at the super ... READ the POST

What I Bring to a Photo Session

I’m willing to bet that if you’ve been to a public park recently then you’ve probably witnessed a photo session in progress. What photographer’s bring with them can vary widely. You may see something as simple as the photographer and their camera - maybe with a flash on top all the way up to full-on ... READ the POST